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Computer Repair Services Techs profess the importance of sound security measures of your wireless computer network and systems. That is why our skilled professionals passionate and ready to make the necessary changes to prevent network infiltration. Lack of WiFi security is probably the biggest security breach in your entire home or office network.

Why is WiFi security important?

Most Wi-fi (wireless) routers (LinkSys, Dlink, NetGear, Cisco) arrive from the manufacturer without any
security, by default. Your neighbor, drive by hacker, and office next door, (to name a few possible sources) can join your wireless network at anytime. Anyone can read transmissions to and from wireless network and WiFI PC / Wifi Phone. Something as simple as typing in your password on an unencrypted Internet page will further your exposure. Anyone within listening distance can, potentially, know your password.

The WiFi Secruity need!

How to help guard valuable personal & business information
How to help deter viruses and hackers
How to help protect your network against the most common threats

Secure your WiFi router – network devices / connections

Contact Computer repair Services today to implement WiFi encryption that rejects unauthorized users and keeps strangers from reading everything you type, browse on your paid Internet connection, and possibly disrupt or steal sensitive computer information. Wireless encryption also prevents others from using your Internet connection, possibly for illegal purposes.

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