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Virus and Spyware Removal

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The typical cleanup procedure for removing most PC Spyware, Malware, and Viruses. If you experience any of the symptoms below, contact us for professional removal:

AntiVirusGold MalwareWipe PSGuard Search Maid
Security IGuard Smitfraud SpyAxe SpyFalcon SpySheriff SpywareQuake SpywareStrike Virtual Maid Search Maid Zlob aka Trojan.Zlob aka Trojan-downloader.Zlob.Media-Codec aka DNS Changer aka

The Typical Removal Steps peformed by our Computer systems engineers:

STEP 1: Searching for the infection! (Utilizing various Virus Removal Tools / Boot Procedures)
STEP 2: Cleaning the infection! (Registry Editors / Safe Mode / Spyware / Malware)
STEP 3: Rescan your PC computer with multiple virus scan programs to ensure a safe and sound Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008 operating system.

Here is a list of various Virus Detection software and repair tools utilized in the course of removing PC Viruses:

  1. AVG Free Edition <Computer Repair Services is an authorized AVG reseller>
  2. Kaspersky
  3. AVPersonal
  4. Asquared Free
  5. Super AntiSpyware
  6. Adaware
  7. HijackThis
  8. Root Kitty
  9. BartPe
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