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Reliable and supple data-backup solution for SMBs & ROBOs. Backup Servers (Linux, Windows), Desktops (Mac, Linux, Windows), and laptops (Mac, Linux, Windows) across your networks to a remote secure location.
Why On-Line Remote backup?
From small businesses to large corporations, the serious task of PC backup can be an exclusive and tough attempt. Auspiciously, we have made enterprise backup possible for everyone with its reasonable, safe solution that’s simple to manage and even easier to use. Whether you’re the CTO of a Fortune 100 corporation, or an IT consultant servicing a few small businesses, Computer Repair Services is your enterprise solution for remote data backup.
Comprehensive solution for ALL platforms, not just for Windows!
One absolute solution for desktops, laptops & servers. Server backups include SQL Backup, Exchange Server Backup, Active Directory/System State Backup, and MySQL Backup in Windows & Linux.
1. Works on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX. Backup installations running on different operating systems are interoperable!
2. Supports every form of Disk to Disk Data Backup, including remote data backup.
3. 1-Click selection for common backups: Email, Browser Settings, My Documents, etc – selectable with one click!
4. Intuitive browser based user interface makes backups & restores easy for end users.
5. Deployment Flexibility limited only by your imagination! Multiple modes of ‘disk to disk’ deployment are possible:
6. Remote backup with StoreGrid server residing outside the intranet.
7. Typical client-server backup deployment.
8. Trusted intranet Peer to Peer (P2P) backup deployment.
9. Backup to NAS boxes & external hard disks.
10. Local to Remote Server Data Migration (First backup taken locally,thereafter incremental backups done online)
11. Easy license management: Licenses can be centrally managed in one backup server, clients don’t have to be applied licenses individually.
12. Intelli-Delta technology for Incremental backups. Backs up only changes in files and not the entire file every time.
13. Automatically detect changes in files and/or directories and backs up accordingly.
14. Mobile users’ (esp. laptops) data can be backed up immediately as they connect to the network.
15. Support for backing up multiple versions of the same file with time stamps for easy restores. StoreGrid also supports additional full backups.
16. Support for large file backups including ‘continue where you left off’ feature.
17. Every possible scheduling option included – including Continuous Data Protection.
18. Commanding data compression based on the ZLIB algorithm.
19. Strong data encryption with up to 448 bit Military strength protection – based on the blowfish algorithm.
20. Support for Volume Shadow Copy for backing up Open Files in Windows XP/2003/Vista.
21. Powerful reporting that encompasses configurable email reporting for Client and Server.
22. Replication server functionality supports replicating the backup server and easy restores in case of disater recovery scenarios.

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