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IT SUPPORT RALEIGH is not just restricted to sync issues with Microsoft Exchange, but we also offer services to facilitate remote Outlook “Anywhere” Exchange 2003 – Exchange 2007 – Exchange 2010 – associations to your corporate Exchange server over a SSL connection without using a VPN connection. Why is this Outlook Anywhere significant?

IT SUPPORT RALEIGH can setup Outlook Anywhere today for your Exchange Server! Call us for our Outlook Anywhere SPECIAL!

• Access your Exchange Server distantly with the common outlook interface: No Need for VPN connection, connect anywhere – Starbucks, HotSpots, Airports, McDonald’s, etc.
• No need to use Exchange Web Access!!!
• Your Exchange server (2003, 2007, 2010) can be anywhere: Say your Exchange Server is in Los Angeles and you are in the Raleigh, You can remotely right to use your Exchange Email through the common outlook interface.
• Secure connection from XP, Vista, Mac, Entourage Mac, Outlook 2003 / 2007 / 2010 to your corporate exchange server
• VPN Connections Disconnect. Common disconnections of VPN connections can be expected. In addition, it is just one more component to fail or go wrong. End user education on the process of connecting to a server through a VPN connection is typically painful.
• Common interface. You won’t have to access your business email site through outlook web access anymore from your home or laptop computer to receive and send mail.
• Access to all of your email folders, contacts, and calendars. You will have the same known touch and access to your exchange server as you would if you were inside your building.
• Ability to share and access other user’s email, contacts, calendars. Outlook Web access (OWA) makes it almost impossible to access another user’s contacts and calendar. However, HTTP over RPC connection within Outlook provides a frequent interface for you to easily access this data.
First it was ActiveSync.. Now We can fulfill your Exchange connectivity dreams!! Contact us today.

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