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You will notice that our secure on-line backup service is very competitive.  We also offer on-site initial seed  backup to ensure an efficient backup of the first backup process, a service not offered by the big boys. *

Another point to consider, we offer emergency delivery of backup data on a usb / removable hard drive to expedite the restoration process.*

In addition to all the features found in the desktop license, the Backup server license offers:

  • Microsoft Windows server OS support, Linux
  • Network share support
  • Backup & restore of SQL, Exchange, and VMware
  • VSS writer backup and restore to Exchange, SYSVOL, and Active Directory

Accounts are billed monthly, 6 months, or annually.

SQL / Exchange Server Licenses: $3.95 per month

Client Monthly Pricing Server Monthly Pricing (without Exchange)
5 GB $10.00 5 GB $15.00
10 GB $15.00 10 GB $25.00
15 GB $20.00 15 GB $35.00
20 GB $25.00 20 GB $40.00
25 GB $30.00 25 GB $50.00
30 GB $35.00 30 GB $60.00
35 GB $40.00 35 GB $70.00
40 GB $45.00 40 GB $80.00

*Initial Backup See // Emergency backup delivery are additional services / Fees offered by Computer Repair services

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