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Cannot get mail the connection to the server has failed

Published by Craig Petronella on

Cannot get mail the connection to the server has failed is a notorious error message facing many users. This can be cause by:

  • Account didn’t verify properly
    Let us face it, this Bling Bling phone is picky!! If the account fails to verify, almost 99% of the time, the iPhone will fail to connect to the server. Other words, something is wrong on the server.
  • 443 is not correctly opened on firewall
    iPhone is not dependent on a particular firewall manufacturer. All firewalls are the same (SonicWall, Cisco ASA, Cisco Pix, WatchGuard, etc.) when it comes to the iPhone and Microsoft Exchange Activesync. One common item is that you will need to ensure that TCP port 443 (SSL) is being forwarded from the router to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server.
  • Exchange Account verified
    Oddly enough the iPhone can verify, but there are still many other factors and settings that may be wrong on the server.


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